Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Little boy goes to school now.

So Ariihau started Kindergarten today. His first day was quite interesting I guess. I took him to his teacher to introduce him to her. He was fine with that. Then, we all went outside to "chant Hawaiian" That part was so awesome. Almost got tears in my eyes.... their chant was very moving and in harmony. I really enjoyed it. (I was also thinking....pretty soon my son will b doing that too. so cool....) So, I was saying...when they started chanting, all the Kindergarten started crying one at a time like a chain. It was funny. and sad too.... :) Of course my boy cried too. :) But I talked to him after and then, he was better. His teacher said that he did good...a little kolohe (hard head) after but he did good. After I picked him up and I asked "so, you liked school? u're going to school again tomorrow?" and he said "yes" to both questions. It was awesome. I am happy my son loves school. He is growing up so fast. I'm so proud of him... :) I kinda miss having him next to me but I'll b ok...I have Kalama. :)
Oh, and Kalama's story when he woke, he asked where his brother was and his grandpa said, he went to school with mommy today. then he said "is he downstairs?"... "he's outside"... hahaha his tutuman said no, he's at school. Kalama "oh...at school!!! ". Too cute and Funny. I love my kids.
Well, successful day for Ariihau's first day of school. :)

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