Monday, July 26, 2010

Today.... just made a new blog. :-)

So yeah..., I finally got the time to make a blog about our little Family.
Here's what's new:
Kaumana works at Hualalai Resort at the Cultural Center. He teaches about the Hawaiian Culture to the tourists and school kids who go there. He loves his job a lot so I guess it's good. :)
Me, I'm a Photographer and Piano teacher. I love Music and Art, just like my husband and children. I am also a full-time mommy. Love my kids.
Ariihau is going to school on August 3, next week.... oooo.... I think i'll cry to see my boy growing up so fast and now going to school by himself. gosh....time flies. :)
Kalama, my little baby boy, he is so cute and just go along with what everybody does. :) He will spend lots of time with me at home while Ariihau is at school. Hope he's ready for that big change. (Prolly not) hahaha oh well.
Life is good here. Here we go for today. Gloomy day too. no sun.... :(
But, my kids make me Happy :)

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